HTS has its legal status under Section 16 of the Companies Act, 2017 supervised by SECP. HTS is self-standing and self-governing organization, working under the supervision of BODs..

HTS Committees

HTS works with expertise notions elucidated below;

  • Academic Committee: The academic committee consists of highly qualified articulators responsible for enhancing the curricular mode, has acknowledgment regarding presumption and render testing services on epidemic scale.
  • Executive Committee: All the members of executive committee consist of HODs, who well established carrying out all the functional affairs of HTS
  • Subject Specialist Committee: In order to elevate the confidence level of the students in their particular subject, we prosecute, conduct and promote the quality of testing in a specific discipline. A bulk of test items developer work in the aforementioned committee.
  • MCQs Developers Committee: This committee performs the supervision of highly qualified educationalist that helps to nudge up the fragile methodologies in MCQs compiling veritable test bank.

Intelligence Team

  • The intelligence team consists of intelligence officers and intelligence agents of HTS whose sole function is; to transparent the test environment, maintain excellence and eliminate the cheating by surveillance of each and every individual of all the aforementioned committees including the BODs.

Capability and Capacity

  • Functionalized under the supervision of 100 full time employees.
  • More than 5,000 highly trained proctor for test conducting.
  • Having potential of conducting test for 100,000 candidates in 40 cities promptly and computer based tests in 10 cities of Pakistan.
  • Potential of proceeding more than 70,000 applications per day.
  • A total of 200 centers across Pakistan, 40 in each province are selected as test centers.
  • Test item bank is comprised of more than 50,000 test items in almost 60 disciplines of engineering IT, medical, management, basic, natural sciences, and social sciences.