CEO Message

The HTS is a new developing testing and evaluation service. In the future and the present HTS will and is the leading testing service, through innovating and exploring new avenues for improving testing and assessment system throughout worldwide as well as in Pakistan. We are updating the test pattern with the improvement and amendments of modern techniques and technologies in great interest of the applicants.
We are on a move to be the future leader of Asia and some other continents. We are struggling to take a challenge of spreading our services of testing and assessment products in international markets like Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, China, and other OIC member countries; as a result HTS will be the futuristic leader in testing and assessment industry.
Without the support of Higher Education Commission (HEC), we may not achieve the goal of leadership. Hence, they had promised to support us on all levels.
I may not forget to praise the HTS Governing Board of Directors, HTS Staff and Academic Committees, Subject Specialist Committees, Test Material Contributors, Vice Chancellors of HTS Associated Universities, Chairpersons of Associated Professional Organizations and the public and private sector for their support in Building the basic structure in the development of HTS.
I would also like to specify my satisfaction to the honesty and loyalty of all the HTS employees, who are cooperatively contributing their share to the national and international interest in the benefits of human. As being the part of HTS, I find them to contribute more in the future.