Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How can I be informed about HTS Tests?

  • You can get the information about HTS tests from any of the following sources: HTS website and advertisements through Print Media.

  • How to Get the Application Forms?

  • You can get Application Forms from HTS website i.e

  • How to Register for HTS Test?

  • Fill your application form according to the given instructions . Submit it by paying the online Test Fee in any branch of UBL, MEEZAN and SINDH Bank.

  • How to Fill the Forms?

  • The form must be filled accordingly asked: as mentioned below the most important info that has to be written.

  • Use black/blue pen and BLOCK LETTERS to fill out the form.
  • Download the appropriate test application form.
  • Be careful with the spellings of your name.
  • Write the correspondence / mailing address correctly where you can be contacted in future.
  • Test Fee is submitted in the form of Online Deposit Slip in any nearest UBL MEEZAN or SINDH Bank branch HTS Copy (Original) must be attached with the Application Form.
  • Give city of your choice, where you want to take the test out of the options available to you.
  • Two passport size photographs are affixed at appropriate places on form
  • Original Bank Deposit Slip (HTS Copy)
  • Original CNIC / Valid Passport (Photo Copy)
  • Fulfill other requirement, if any.
  • Where and how to Submit Application Form?

  • After you fill the form according to the instructions, send your form through any courier service, mail (Post office) or by Hand to main office. Make sure to attach

  1. Two copies of your recent photographs
  2. Clearly written candidate’s name in the BLOCK LETTERS
  3. Clearly written candidates father’s name in BLOCK LETTERS
  4. Clearly written National Identity Card (NIC) number
  5. Clearly written candidate’s postal address in BLOCK LETTERS
  6. TClearly written phone number etc.
  7. Fulfill other requirement, if any.
  • Does HTS Confirm My Registration?

  • After submitting the Application Form you will get your Roll Number Slip (Call Letter) containing Roll No., Test Venue, etc, on your mailing address or available on website. This slip confirms your registration. You can also visit HTS website for confirmation. You must take that slip with you to the test center on the day of your test otherwise you are not allowed to sit in the Examination Hall. You may also take the print of your information from HTS website.

    NOTE:In case of any confusion or problems with the registration process you can Contact HTS Office immediately.

  • Help in Case of Any Problem During Registration Process?

  • If you have any confusion about the registration process you can clarify by calling the HTS Office or Contact (mail,email,fax) HTS Office.

  • How to Find the Place and Schedule of Test?

  • The schedule, time, location, etc., is uploaded on HTS website i.e., from where you can get further help and other information.

  • Things to be taken to the Test Center?

  • The candidate should take sharpened pencils, pen with eraser and clip-board. Besides this the candidate is also asked to show his/her Roll No. Slip and original CNIC / Valid Passport. (Less than 18 years of age candidates must bring Original B. Form and SSC Certificate with photograph at the test center).

  • Disqualifying from the Test?

  • If you are found indulged in any of the following activities, he / she is disqualified from the test:

  • Arriving late at the test center.
  • Taking the test for someone else.
  • Failing to provide the Roll No. Slip.
  • Failing to provide original CNIC / Valid Passport, (Less than 18 years of age candidates must bring Original B.Form and SSC Certificate with photograph at the test center).
  • Using any objectionable material during the test.
  • Trying to create disturbance inside the test center.
  • Showing ill behavior towards the invigilation staff.
  • Trying to communicate with the fellow candidates while the test is in progress.
  • Trying to tear pages from the question paper.
  • Showing indiscipline i.e. eating, smoking etc.
  • Leaving the test center without permission.
  • How to Mark the Answer Sheet?

  • Write Your Name, Father’s Name, Roll Number etc (if required) on the answer sheet.
  • Read the directions carefully before you begin your test.
  • Each question has maximum five choices and minimum two. You are required to choose the correct choice for every question and fill the corresponding oval with a lead pencil on the answer sheet.
  • The invigilator announces the procedure of marking the answer sheets. Listen carefully to the instructions. When you mark the answer sheets, make sure that the space is completely filled in.
  • Use a lead pencil or Pens for marking the Answer Sheets
  • Do not mark more than one answer.
  • If a question is found with no answer or it has more than one marked choice, it is not considered for marking.